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On-line evaluation
  • Highly appreciating our customers' time and having a high-quality service, Pawnshop "CT" offers its customers online assessment system of  valuable swiss watches and jewellery.
  • You can visit this page of our website via your computer or phone and fill in the required fields. Our professional specialists will assess your product and contact you immediately.
  • If you are short of time or with any reason cannot visit our pawnshop, just be free to send photos of your product, be it a watch or any kind of jewelry.
  • Just fill in the data required and send your application.

Our specialists will assess your product within a short period of time and will immediately get in touch with you.

Assessment is done according to the following criteria:

1. Condition of your item

2. Its demand in the market

3. The availability of certificates/documents

4. Its production year

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